Simplify Orthodontic Treatment In
Daily Practice 4

-Pathway to Diploma in clinical ortodontic uk certfication!

🔥🔥 พบกันอีกครั้งในคอร์ส Simplified Orthodontic Treatment in Daily Practice รุ่นที่ 4 🔥🔥

ในวันที่ 16-17 พฤศจิกายน 2563 @Sky View Hotel Sukhumvit 24
ข้อมูล ความรู้อัดแน่น เรียนกันเน้นๆ 2 วันเต็ม!
ไม่ว่าจะเป็น “En Masse Retraction, Micro Implant Anchorage, และ Orthodontic in implant dentistry”

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Level: Intermediate

For dentists who want to learn more about Orthodontic.

Dates: Starts 16 November.

First course day is Monday 16 November and  Tuesday 17 November  2020

Location: SKYVIEW Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 24

Course Fee: 15,000 THB

After 30 October is the course fee 16,500Bath!


Course & Outcomes


Day 1

-En Masse Retraction
-Key decision for No Extraction cases or Extraction cases
-Principle & Biomechanics
-Updated technique with micro-
implant anchorage
-Micro Implant Anchorage
-What/ when/ where/ how
-Case Presentations

Treatment planning from start to end

Tips from how to talk to patients to proper case selections.


Day 2

-Orthodontic in Implant Dentistry
-Multidisciplinary approach treatment concept
-Completed Orthodontic treatment
-Conventional Orthodontic treatment
-Case Presentations Hands-on
-Micro implant placemen
-Power Arms fixation
-NiTi closed spring insertion

After course

-Pathway to Diploma in Clinical orthodontic UK Certification!

Information about Clear Aligners

Clearsmile Alginer by DentTrends

ClearSmile treatment process

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