Jinme Lubricating Machine C200 for Handpieces


Quick insert and pullout, one hand can operate it:
Other brand lubricating machine adopted screw type connector, it need 20 seconds for assemble and disassemble, which is laborious and cost time.

C200 lubricanting machine just need 2 seconds, save time and energy.

Lubrication oil output controllable:
Oil lubricating time can be controlled individually and accurately,reducing unnecessary waste of lubricating oil.

Special design “blow hole”:
After the handpiece has finished filling the oil, press the blow button and the air will remove excess oil from the handpiece surface.

Product net weight 7.0kg
product size 300X230X360(mm)

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Rated power: 40W
Air source power: 4kg/cm²~8 kg/cm²
Working pressure: 2.2 kg/cm²~2.5 kg/cm²
Oil tube capacity: 300ml
Motor parameters rated voltage: 12V DC power rating speed 3000 r/min Rated power 16W


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